Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raegan's car

Last summer my mom got a really good deal at a garage sale. The woman gave her this motorized car for free. The problem was that the wires to the battery had been cut/tampered with/whatever by some neighbor kids, and she was just going to throw it away. She gave it to us, which we were super excited about having for Raegan when she got older. We finally got around to getting a new battery for it (we were waiting partially because Raegan wasn't old enough, and partially because those things aren't cheap) and now we have a motorized car for Raegan for about a third of the price of a fancy one from the store.

Raegan LOVES her car! She asks every day now if she can ride it. When she first gassed it and started rolling along, she could not stop giggling. It's pretty cute to watch!

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Olivia said...

How cool! Ridin in style ;)