Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kelley Family BBQ

We went out to my parents' house for a late Father's Day barbeque. We decided to do it this weekend so that Zane, Khloe and Koen would all be there, and then it turned out Zane was sick and couldn't come anyways. :( It was a little windy, but that made it not too hot.

Raegan did a pretty good job of sharing with Deeanna's niece Phaydyn (you think I came anywhere close to spelling that right?!)

Are you talkin' to me?!

When Luke rewires it, that power wheel will be Raegan's. Yay!!

Zac, demonstrating his Father of the Year skills by spraying poor defenseless Khloe. (ha!)

Raegan and Ryan hanging out

He was getting pretty sleepy by this point.


Olivia said...

Aw fun times! That car will be awesome!

Laurie said...

Nice that you could all get together!