Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun at Granny and Papa's

Friday morning Raegan and I went over to my parents' house for the morning, just to hang out. Raegan had a lot of fun, and I enjoyed visiting with my parents.

Sidewalk chalk with Granny

Raegan loved the sand pit my parents made

Busy, busy

We spent the whole time outside because it was such a nice (not hot) morning. Raegan played with blocks and babies, and my mom showed her how to pick strawberries right off the plant and eat them. (Raegan thought that was the best idea ever!) She ended up taking a 3 hour and 15 minute nap that afternoon, so she must have worn herself out!


Just Passing Through said...

Granny and Papa both snored in their recliners that afternoon too. LOL

Olivia said...

I love days like that with my mom and kids too :)

Laurie said...

Sweet times!