Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall Photo Shoot

Luke and I have an agreement that every other year we do family pictures. We did the last one in 2011, which means that this year is the year to do them. But since I am a *nice* wife, I told him we could skip this year because I really want a family picture next year with Baby included. I could have done them two years in a row, I suppose. But we're quickly running out of time for me to not feel like huge uncomfortable mess, so I'm okay with skipping this year.

I still wanted a nice picture of the kids together for our Christmas cards, and I wanted to get a couple pictures of Raegan and I featuring my baby bump. I didn't get any nice pictures of myself when I was pregnant with Raegan, and I still kick myself over that. I think I only have one or two pictures during my pregnancy  that someone else took of me and aren't just me taking my own picture. :(

And because we are in Super High Gear Money Saving Mode right now, I borrowed my friend Christina's super fancy camera and Luke and I took pictures ourselves on the campus of the local college. I feel like we got so many great ones that I just can't decide which to use. And which to blow up and frame in our house. I do know that I'm going to go the do-it-yourself photography route more often from now on. And try to figure out how in the world to pinch even more pennies so I can get my own fancy camera.

Here's the results....

We are bad parents for taking this picture and laughing about it....

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