Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby Update

Today marks 23 weeks for Baby Girl. According to what I looked up on the internet, she should weigh just over a pound and be a little more than 11 inches long. Apparently that's the size of a large mango. She's a mover and a shaker just like her big sister was - in the evenings she really gets to moving around. I've been able to see my stomach move a few times, and Luke was able to feel her kick at about 21 weeks. Raegan always asks to feel her kick, but it's always during a time when she's still, so we've only had luck with that once so far. She pulled her hand away real quick and looked at me like it was the craziest thing ever. :)

I'm doing really well, although I'm definitely a lot more tired with this pregnancy than I remember being with Raegan. So far my feet have only swollen up twice, and both evenings were after I had to sit at inservice training all day long. I've had a couple bouts of heartburn (a little earlier this time than with Raegan - boo!) but I think I've identified the trigger as chocolate (double boo!). Last time it was peanut butter that always bothered me the most. Apparently I have super weird heartburn triggers. My cravings right now are All The Melty Cheeses and Special K. I would add Mexican food to the list, but I always want Mexican food pregnant or not, so I feel like it doesn't really even count.

I've had some luck in gathering up baby things. A gal I used to work with sold me her changing table, swing and activity mat, so we have some basic baby furniture and gear. (We still had the crib and high chair from Raegan, so there's that too.) A girl I went to high school with had a garage sale and I was able to snag enough 3-6 month clothing that I really shouldn't need anything else in those sizes. I also bought 6 cloth diapers off of her, and 6 more at a huge sale at our local cloth diaper store, so I'm well on my way to a good stockpile. I'm not really worried about newborn or 0-3 month clothing, because that's what people always get you at your baby shower. So really at this point my main focuses are the carseat, stroller, breastpump, and finishing up my diaper stash. Everything I've read says I should plan on at least 20 diapers to be able to do laundry every other day. I want to get a few more soon, but then I really want to wait and see what works best out of what I have then buy more of those. I've gone with either All In Ones or the kind you stuff with an insert (why can I never remember what those are called?!) just to make life easier for my daycare provider. I'm excited to use cloth this time and I'm really hoping that they save us as much money as I'm planning on.

Insurance company has been called and I got the lowdown on how much our out of pocket on the birth should be. Last time all we had was a super minimal hospital bill because I had my own insurance plus my husbands (we had gone that route because of the fertility treatment I was doing, to try to minimize those costs). So I definitely wanted to get an idea of what it was going to run us this time. We already have it covered by the savings that I've been doing, but I'm going to go ahead and keep socking as much as possible away every month to help buy some of our "big ticket" purchases still. As long as the Affordable Health Care Act doesn't ruin my insurance in January, then we should be good to go as far as the hospital bill. And I'm slowly siphoning out more and more money every two weeks when my husband gets paid to get us used to not having all that money going to daycare. At least we won't have to start paying daycare for two kids until July. Give us a little more time to get used to that punch in the gut. :)

So all is well with Mommy and Baby. Hoping the rest of the pregnancy continues to be as low key and easy as this one has been so far.

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