Sunday, July 13, 2014

Silly Faces

Ava is quite the talker these days. And she loves her tongue. She's always sticking it out and curling it up and down. She's such a silly, happy girl. Anytime I get out my phone to take a picture of her, she gets very quiet and focused on my phone. I've handed it to her a few times and she instantly grabs it and gets super excited about it. It's amazing that she stayed on her back long enough for me to take these pictures. She's always rolling over to her stomach and she's getting really good at holding her head up. Several times she's rolled three or four times continuously, and I've found her several feet away from where she started off at. We wonder if she won't be a little quicker to crawl than Raegan was, but who knows. I'm okay with not having to babyproof for awhile longer. :)

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