Sunday, September 29, 2013

18 weeks

Right now I'm feeling really good. This was the time frame of pregnancy that I loved last time, 16-26 weeks or so. Looking pregnant (and not just fat) but not so huge and uncomfortable yet. Baby is starting to move a lot more and it's always fun to feel those little flutters. Raegan loves patting my belly and giving the baby a kiss and an eskimo every night before bed and she frequently tells us how much she loves her baby. It just makes my heart burst every time.

Cravings right now are fruit, fruit and more fruit and fried food. I've been starting to do better about eating more vegetables but I've definitely got the fruit thing down. No heartburn yet and I'm really hoping it won't be as bad as last time. I finally bought maternity clothes this week and I feel so much better not stuffed into my regular clothes.

Anatomy scan and gender check is Friday. We're taking Raegan with, which I think will be really exciting for her.

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