Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dance Performance

Raegan had a little mini performance today at one of the nursing homes in town. It was at 3:00, which is just a horrible time because of nap, but I figured we should go because her big recital is next month and she hasn't performed since right before Christmas. She was not loving her costume at all - she's grown since she was measured for it and it's too tight in the shoulders. That combined with a short nap, and she was not a happy camper.

Emo extrordinairre before the show

Very somber while lined up with the other girls

But as soon as she got out there, she got this huge grin on her face. I could tell that it was a super nervous grin, and she kept looking at me the majority of the time.

For the first dance she did about half of it, then completely froze up and just stood there until it ended. For the second dance, she froze about a minute it in, but then finished dancing the end of it. I told her afterwards I was so proud of her for dancing so well, and she said, "But I forgot to put my crayon down in the Elmo song." She can do every step of all of her songs, she just gets nervous. I'm so proud of her though - she's so much less shy than I was at that age.

Still super emo at the end.....

Until she remembered that I had promised her ice cream afterwards. Then Raegan was all smiles and sunshine! :)

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