Monday, March 11, 2013

Raegan's "pretend" birthday

So since Raegan has a summer birthday, they let her do a half birthday/pretend birthday celebration at her preschool. Montessori has a really neat tradition they do for birthdays, where the child gets to travel around the sun for each year of their life, while the parent shows pictures and talks about the things the child liked at that age. It was pretty cool. And it was so wonderful to actually get to go into Raegan's school and see her in action. She has friends, one little girl in particular that she was inseparable from while I was there. And it's always interesting to me as a preschool teacher to see how other preschools run. Montessori is so organized and structured. I mean, I run a tight ship in my classroom, but it's nothing like the order and peace in a Montessori room. I wanna teach Montessori!!! :)

Discussing things with friends during clean up time

Raegan talks about the little blonde at home a lot. Turns out they are actual friends. :)

Singing the celebration song when they first came to circle. The little blonde next to Raegan was all, "Sit by me Raegan, sit by me!" My baby has friends!!! :)

Raegan getting her lesson ready. She put down the yellow circle, then turned on the flashlight. The rays that go around the sun have a name of a month on each one.

They sang the song about the months of the year, then Raegan went and stood by August. For every year I talked about, she held the globe and traveled around the sun. (No pictures of that part because I was busy reading her story and passing around pictures.)

Singing happy birthday to Raegan

She was a little bashful but loved every minute of it.

Posing for Mama with her lesson

My big girl

A pic from out on the playground. I love this little girl so very very much.


Margaret said...

We did this at my Montessori 25 years ago! Did you sing, "The earth goes around the sun, tra-la-la, the earth goes around the sun!"

call_me_ps said...

I just love the similarities across Montessori classrooms! Her celebration is exactly like the one they do at the girls' school. Yay Montessori! :-)