Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quick update

Raegan has adjusted very well to preschool. She was rather hesitant the first two weeks at drop off in the morning, but now we have no problems. We're starting to hear a variety of different songs that they sing there, and we're seeing that she is learning so much. She went in knowing almost every uppercase letter, and now we're seeing an explosion of learning lowercase letters too. She's picking up the sounds of the letters through the curriculum that they use, and is now counting to 20. She knows the days of the week and has the order of the months up to May. :) The last two weeks she's been on a rhyming word kick - she can come up with a rhyming word for any word you tell her. A lot of times her fallback sound is "h" - What rhymes with bat? "hat" What rhymes with cow? "how" and sometimes she'll even make up words to rhyme with what we say. Just another super important skill that sets the stage for her learning how to read.

The biggest thing that we are struggling with right now is getting her to dress herself in the morning. Raegan is NOT a morning person, and never really has been. On the weekends she is pretty happy, but that's because she gets to get up on her own time, which is usually at least an hour later than when I wake her up for school. I obviously am not expecting her to do everything perfectly yet, but I have the basic expectation that she can take her clothes off and put on her own underwear and pants and socks. Sometimes she needs help getting the shirt over her head. But honestly, you would think she had no arms the way she flails around like she can't do anything for herself. I refuse to give in though, so we've had some rough mornings for about two weeks now, but we are slowly getting there. Mommy just needs lots of prayers for patience. :)

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