Thursday, February 16, 2012


Man, I am getting awful at keeping my blog up. Awful. Partially because I'm so busy with work/Raegan/chores/life, and partially because Raegan isn't changing every day anymore. There's not as much to report on. Although I keep thinking that I need to note the little things, because someday I can look back and remember "Oh yeah, she used to do that!" So here's some of the little things she's been doing lately.

Raegan is up to naming seven letters now: A, E, O, Z, H, G, and R. Sometimes she will point out K and I, but those aren't consistent yet. E is still her favorite letter, and anytime I wear a shirt that has an E on it, she immediately points it out. (It's *her* E, by the way.) The other day she shocked Luke. He asked her what planet she was from when she was being silly, and she said "Jupiter!" They've been learning about the planets at child care for the last month or so, and now if you ask her what planets are, she will say, "Mercury Venus, Earth, Mars." It's pretty awesome. She's a sponge - she just soaks up and remembers everything.

Raegan is definitely testing limits and boundaries right now. Two has been kind of rough, and I'm hoping that she'll start to outgrow this stage pretty soon. She growls and sticks her tongue out when she's mad about something, which is pretty frequent these days. I swear I hear "I'm mad" at least 5 times a day. And while I'm all for her recognizing her feelings, her way of expressing them just really isn't flying in our house. She's been taking a lot of moments to breathe and calm down in her room, and she's slowly figuring out what's what.

Raegan still adores singing and dancing. We're debating putting her in dance next fall, since she will be old enough. I don't want anything where they take it too seriously (no Dance Mom here!) but I think it would be fun for her. I keep meaning to enroll her in that Mom and Me gymnastics class through Parks and Rec, but it just seems like I never have time. Raegan has been singing a lot of "medleys" lately, where she starts with one song and segways into another. It's pretty funny to hear, especially since sometimes they go together pretty well. The other day she was doing "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and "O Christmas Tree". Too cute.

Here's a couple random pictures from my iPod:

Enjoying Oreos that Granny and Papa bought her


Bathtime always makes Raegan so happy!

Drawing with sidewalk chalk on one of the many mild days we've had this winter!

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